University Democrats Leadership Council Spring 2017

Email: udlc@udems.org

University Democrats Leadership Council is composed of all the officers elected to serve the organization. The officers meet every Sunday at 7:00 PM and all general members are invited to join us.

Sorry, no image here, fam. Bailey is supposed to be here.

President – Bailey Schumm

Bailey is a junior majoring in Public Health and Government. In addition to serving as the President of UDems, she is the director of Hook the Vote, an editor for the Texas Undergraduate Law Review, and a docent at the LBJ Presidential Library. When not sitting on the West Mall yelling at students/faculty members/unsuspecting tourists about voting, Bailey can be found sewing, baking, or otherwise acting like a grandmother.

Email: bschumm@utexas.edu

Sorry, no image here, fam. Rosie is supposed to be here.

Vice President – Rosie Zander

Rosie is a History major from Dallas, Texas. Rosie has been interested in politics since lobbying with Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in high school. She has previously worked on multiple campaigns in the greater Austin area. Recently her political organizing was featured on The Daily Show, The New York Times, and WORLDSTAAARhiphop.com. Rosie is constantly tabling on the West Mall, so if you find yourself in the area stop by and say hi to her! When she is not outside promoting UDems or registering voters, Rosie can be found cuddling with her puppy, Lucy, and exploring all the vegan options Austin has to offer.

Email: vice@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Doug is supposed to be here.

Communications Director – Doug Snyder

Doug is a sophomore majoring in Marketing and Government with concentrations in Core Texts and Public Policy. Doug, who comes from the conservative and 90% white suburb The Woodlands, became interested in politics after interning for Mayor Annise Parker as a high school sophomore and later by organizing local rallies for Bernie Sanders his senior year. Doug has worked a variety of jobs and internships, but is currently interning for GNI Strategies, Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s reelection campaign, and works for Rep. Celia Israel’s campaign. He aspires to work in consulting, or be a college professor, or who even knows anymore. When not working or stress-hyperventilating, Doug enjoys running, classical music, and waxing poetic about subjects no one cares about.

Email: communications@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Allie is supposed to be here.

Secretary– Allie Runas

Allie is a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering major from San Antonio. Because she doesn’t believe in free time, Allie is also involved in 9 other orgs on campus. If she isn’t studying or trying to register other students to vote, you can find her knitting, taking pictures, or trying to find an internship.

Email: secretary@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Davey is supposed to be here.

Treasurer – Davey Bemporad

Davey is a junior Economics and Government major, but despite that he’s pretty cool. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas (home of the best freaking basketball team ever) where he spent his childhood playing guitar, bass, and mandolin. He became interested in politics at UT after being inspired by several professors. He has previously volunteered with state and local campaigns, worked in an Austin based lobbying firm, and is currently interning with Texas Senator Sylvia Garcia. He is occasionally a workout freak, whenever he’s not being a movie freak or music freak.

Email: treasurer@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Olivia is supposed to be here.

Community Director – Olivia Griffin

Olivia is a junior studying Plan II, Government and East Asian Studies. She previously worked on the presidential campaign of Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. This summer, she will be interning at the United Nations in Switzerland. Her hobbies include petting dogs and counting down the days until the next season of House of Cards.

Email: community@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Maddie is supposed to be here.

Campus Director – Madison Schumm

Madison Schumm is a freshman Public Health major from Southlake, Texas. She has become politically active since starting at UT through canvassing, phone banking, and extensive voter registration efforts. Last fall alone, she registered over 850 students on the UT campus. When not tabling, Madison can be found studying, working out, or snuggling her hairless cat.

Email: campus@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Cheyenne is supposed to be here.

Membership Director – Cheyenne Brown

Cheyenne Brown is a junior Rhetoric and Composition major. She is from Rockwall, the smallest county in Texas. Cheyenne has worked for the Rockwall County Democrats in addition to multiple campaigns in both Austin, and North Texas. When she is not block walking or registering voters, Cheyenne can be found writing, telling jokes, and appreciating New England themed casual dining restaurants.

Email: membership@udems.org

Sorry, no image here, fam. Ellen is supposed to be here.

Historian – Ellen Teuscher

Ellen is a freshman Government major hoping to create no free time in her life by adding an Economics double major. Despite having grown up in the ultra conservative Houston suburb of The Woodlands, she rebelled against the norm and is now a full on liberal. She is currently interning at the capitol for State Representative Ryan Guillen and is an active member of Zeta Tau Alpha. When not tabling or interning Ellen enjoys binge watching TGIT (go Shonda), eating sushi for every possible meal, and attempting to leave her dorm as little as possible.

Email: historian@udems.org


Webmaster – Nicholas Cobb

Nicholas Cobb is a junior majoring in Computer Science. In his free time, he updates this website and acts like a real meme. He also interned at Google two times and is about to intern a third time this summer.

Email: webmaster@udems.org

*borf borf*

Democracy Dog – Lucy Michelle Zander

Lucy Michelle is UDems’ resident democracy dog. Lucy has been involved in promoting the Democratic Party on campus since being rescued by her new mom, Rosie. Lucy identifies as a pupper, not a doggo. Lucy is also a proud costal liberal elite. Her favorite congressman is Lloyd Doggett. Lucy enjoys napping under the UDems table and long walks across the 40 acres.

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