Minutes for March 26, 2017

Agenda for 3/26/17

I) Opening
Meeting called to order at 7:05

II) Attendance
Officers Present:
a. President- Bailey Schumm
b. Vice-President- Rosie Zander
c. Communications Director- Doug Snyder
d. Secretary- Allie Runas
e. Treasurer- Davey Bemporad
f. Community Director- Olivia Griffin
g. Campus Director- Maddie Schumm
h. Membership Director – Cheyenne Brown
i. Historian- Ellen Teuscher

Officers Tardy:
Ellen – late meeting and food

Officers Absent:
Rosie – AIPAC

Marco Guajardo

III) Approval of the Minutes
Motioned for approval by Allie at 7:05. Seconded by Davey.

IV) New Business
Lobbying day postmortem
planning – was okay
schedule – more structured for lobbying next time, people didnt show up
lobbying committee
overall – a success, a lot to learn from
rep bios and room numbers ahead of time

The Unfortunate Case of the A-Frame

40 Acres Fest
wear beachy stuff – hawaiian shirts are okay! I checked with a Texas Traditions person
Davey will bring Barry
Allie will do set up and take care of trivia and make a photo frame
min number questions to ask for free shit?
like or share for sticker
trivia for shirt

Rosie needs to make Trivia questions for
in leiu of regular tabling – april 3
same free stuff system

Next Meeting
Rep. Donna Howard
Allison Heinrich is coming yay!
half share working well

Social Carpool
this sunday at 11 – meet at 10:30

FB events
make events for everything!

profit share
Cabo Bob’s, moojo?
needs lots of HYPE – 2nd to last week of april
Doug’s on it


Club photo
last meeting of April

CR debate
they’re dragging their feet

Member of the Week

V) Adjournment
Motioned for adjournment by Allie at 7:39. Seconded by Davey.