Minutes for March 19, 2017

Agenda for 3/19/17

I) Opening
Meeting called to order at 7:00

II) Attendance
Officers Present:
a. President- Bailey Schumm
b. Vice-President- Rosie Zander
c. Communications Director- Doug Snyder
d. Secretary- Allie Runas
e. Treasurer- Davey Bemporad
f. Community Director- Olivia Griffin
g. Campus Director- Maddie Schumm
h. Membership Director – Cheyenne Brown

Officers Tardy:
Olivia Griffin

Officers Absent:
Ellen Teucher (excused)

Secretary Emeritus – Charlie Henry

III) Approval of the Minutes
Motioned for approval by Allie at 7:28. Seconded by Davey.

IV) New Business
Next Meeting
Prof. Bill Sage – really cool guy, think of some good questions

boys share on Monday, girls share on Tuesday
advertise on union screens for next week

Social Event
McKinney falls April 2nd 11 Littlefield Fountain

Professional Skill-building event
table this for next semester

LBJ Panel
Lucy Baines Johnson
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez
Davey’s prof

John Lewis
not a deal at all…
maybe meet him this Friday

CRUD debate
they REALLY wanna do this
things that affect us as students and austinites
one officer and one member
list of three dates to send to CRs
April 10th – 14th ish
member auditions – 29th during lobbying committee

Food bank April 8th
bring donations of healthy, non-perishables with clearly marked expiration date
ask dorms for donation boxes

Study Group
may as well use it
make it an event

40 Acres Fest
April 1st
trivia and pass out free stuff – Obama on Vacay trivia, environmental Everyone come up with questions
pictures with Obama
flyers for beach preservation – Davey and Olivia

TPH Week
Triva and flyers – Bailey and Rosie

Lobbying Committee
IT’S HAPPENING this Friday, meeting at 8AM at Einstein’s
everyone gets a schedule and special folder, going in subgroups
Allie will make a google form for confirmation- confirmation by wednesday

Club Photo
during Lob Com meeting somewhere else – table later in the semester

Invest in Texas
April 12th
share form from Charlie and remind folks to come
April 4th event with Texas Exes and Annette Strauss advocacy training event

UDems wants to sponsor it and send folks
instead of coming to study group

Member of the Week
Ardian Shaholli

V) Adjournment
Motioned for adjournment by Doug at 7:30. Seconded by Rosie.