Minutes for February 26, 2017

I) Opening
Meeting called to order at 7:00

II) Attendance
Officers Present:
a. President- Bailey Schumm
b. Vice-President- Rosie Zander
c. Communications Director- Doug Snyder
d. Secretary- Allie Runas
e. Treasurer- Davey Bemporad
f. Community Director- Olivia Griffin
g. Campus Director- Maddie Schumm
h. Membership Director – Cheyenne Brown
i. Historian- Ellen Teuscher

Officers Tardy:

Officers Absent:


III) Approval of the Minutes
Motioned for approval by … at … Seconded by …

IV) New Business
Next Meeting
LBJ, All The Way with

Lob Com
one sheets should be done by wednesday
practice round in lob com meeting
lob day is open to everyone yay!

Environment Texas Collab
we’ll see

McKinney Falls Social
meet at Littlefield fountain – get event up tonight
should have enough cars

How do I actually edit the constitution pdf – Change online Constitution

Career Development Fair
internship panel – talk about types of internships UDems have had to introduce bby UDems on what opportunities they have availible to them
resume review
afternoon – after lunch, Saturday event sometime in April
everyone will ask their career services


Member of the Week

V) Adjournment
Motioned for adjournment by Allie at 7:11. Seconded by Davey.