Minutes for February 19, 2017

Agenda for 2/19/17

I) Opening
Meeting called to order at 8:05

II) Attendance
Officers Present:
a. President- Bailey Schumm
b. Vice-President- Rosie Zander
c. Communications Director- Doug Snyder
d. Secretary- Allie Runas
e. Treasurer- Davey Bemporad
f. Community Director- Olivia Griffin
g. Campus Director- Madison Schumm
h. Membership Director – Cheyenne Brown
i. Historian- Ellen Teuscher
j. Webmaster- Nicholas Cobb

Officers Tardy:

Officers Absent:

Charlie Henry, Secretary Emeritus
Marco Guajardo, Lobbying Committee Chair

III) Approval of the Minutes
Motioned for approval by Rosie at 8:05. Seconded by Allie

IV) New Business
Lob Con

no skits at the table

Next Meeting
who’s coming – not sure yet…
all the way with LBJ – show all and not do posse

SG endorsements
no endorsements but campaigns may come and speak for 1 minute

A frame moving
gotta go to the west mall or the office because DOS hates me
move to West Mall tonight
Allie will reserve tonight

Amendment voting
ballots – yes

fundraiser money update and postmortem
thus far $1950
keep asking friends
donate $50 to Stronger Together
What have we learned?
recommend we spend $600 next year
we spent $700 on the fundraiser – too much
$200 is too large a beverage budget
anticipate all costs! – cups, ice, soda
suggest children eat dinner before because people got sassy
emphasise that it’s a FUNDRAISER

do redesign when out of more shirts and more fruitful

Big Meetings
reserve more central rooms for bigger speakers

fill out the doodle poll

Member of the Week
Jennifer – what a bae

V) Adjournment
Motioned for adjournment by Rosie at 8 :26. Seconded by Allie