Minutes for February 12, 2017

Agenda for 2/12/17

I) Opening
Meeting called to order at 7:00

II) Attendance
Officers Present:
a. President- Bailey Schumm
b. Vice-President- Rosie Zander
c. Communications Director- Doug Snyder
d. Secretary- Allie Runas
e. Treasurer- Davey Bemporad
f. Community Director- Olivia Griffin
g. Campus Director- Madison Schumm
i. Historian- Ellen Teuscher
j. Webmaster- Nicholas Cobb

Officers Tardy:

Officers Absent:
Cheyenne (excused)

Charlie Henry, Secretary Emeritus
Kimberly Romero, Concerned Citizen

III) Approval of the Minutes
Motioned for approval by Allie at 7:01. Seconded by Davey

IV) New Business
Next Meeting

advertising – send to friends on FB
snap filters – after fundraiser

emphasize dress code – put pictures in prezi
and that all members are welcome to come, guests are welcome and costs $xx
catering – rosie will pick up lights
lights – ellen will bring
each officer will call about 5 offices to ask – see details on fb event page
davey – 1st 5

Carpool (Allie)
http://bit.ly/2lmiz4s put this link in the prezi so members can sign up for carpool – about 23 left right now, to be assigned by Allie

the future of study group
put in prezi – it’s every tuesday!

lobbying committee
no updates :(

A frame
put location of meetings for each semester
maybe redesign this too

no ban no wall rally
put volunteer opportunities in the prezi
ask Skylar to talk at rally

Food Bank on 4/8
time: 11 – 3, Saturday

fill out doodle poll
include lobbying information
go over tabling etiquette during issues at table and again in prezi

Kim’s announcement
ICE situation – pass out flyers in affected areas and at table
partner up with BSA and/or Skylar’s club
include with tabling

Ashley’s stuff
Rosie’s got it

Member of the Week
Ally Ganster

V) Adjournment
Motioned for adjournment by Rosie at 7 :31 Seconded by Davey